5 Ways to Discover Val-Jalbert


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Visiting the historical village of Val-Jalbert is a trip back to the days when people in the company town worked hard to produce electricity. By bringing the old ghosts from the 1920s back to the future, the village is today more alive than ever.

1. Discovery trail with GPS
Kids can’t get enough of this fun, interactive treasure hunt.

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2.Waterfall higher than Niagara
Visit the remains of the old power plant and admire the new hydroelectricity interpretation centre. A glass lookout point by the falls is a feast for the senses.

3. Immersive multimedia show
Treat yourself to a magical 20-minute performance in the old mill. While workers from days gone by tell their stories, 360° projections light up hundred-year-old artifacts. Rain and snow only add to the ghostly atmosphere.

Maire jouant de la guitare (c) Jonathan Robert_MG_6544


4. The mayor and the townsfolk
Every day, meet larger-than-life figures outside the convent and inside the old post office and general store. Sitting proudly behind the wheel of his 1928 Dodge, Mr. Mayor never says no to a photo opp.

5. The 100% village experience
How about spending the night? Pull up a seat at Restaurant du Moulin, where chef Carl Murray serves up a fine dining experience, terroir style. Then, when evening comes, explore the village with a flashlight before heading to bed. Village accommodation is as
contemporary as it is unusual, whether you’re above the general store or in one of the rustic-chic period homes. Breakfast is included.

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