04/08/2014/2014 vacance famille avec les enfants et petits enfants au lac st jean Pointe Taillon Qc Canada (photo Steve Deschenes)

3 experiences, one destination : The Majestic Lac Saint-Jean

Au Camping Plage Belley
Camping Plage Belley

The Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean tour ends with the 3rd and final sector: Lac Saint-Jean!

First of all, Lac Saint-Jean’s dimensions are impressive: 45 km long and 34 km wide. With a 1,100 sq. km. surface area, a true inland sea where the opposing shore cannot be seen with the naked eye. Imagine summer… on a beautiful sandy beach. Or even during the winter, never-ending white landscapes. It’s truly unique!

With 42 kilometers of beaches and water temperatures reaching 27 degrees Celsius, the hardest thing is to choose from among about fifteen sandy beaches that border the shores along an immense section of the largest inhabited lake in Quebec.


Lac Saint-Jean is also a dream destination for cyclists with more than 600 kilometers of trails.

The Véloroute des Bleuets is a 256 kilometer easy and accessible bike trail that completely loops around Lac Saint-Jean, crossing 15 municipalities and an aboriginal community. Although, it’s not required to travel the entire 256 kilometers. You can opt for sections of 20 or 40 kilometers, basically, whatever your heart desires.

You’ll be charmed by Lac Saint-Jean’s rural areas.

We’re left in wonder by the sun kissed golden fields of canola and the soft greens of the luxurious meadows. The roads panoramic, the villages picturesque. The trip around the lake can be done by car in a day. However, relax and take your time to visit the attractions while in the area.

Must-Sees in the Lac Saint Jean Area During Your Next Trip:

Something in common

These 3 different zones offer 3 different adventures. However, they do have one thing in common: the legendary welcome from the local residents. Anyone who’s visited at least once will tell you: Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean is the most accommodating region in Quebec. Here, everything is giant, including our welcome! Even the territory is immense!

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